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acer spicatum

1.small shrubby maple of eastern North America

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  • acer saccharum
  • acer saccharinum
  • acer rubrum
  • acer pseudoplatanus
  • acer platanoides
  • acer pennsylvanicum
  • acer palmatum
  • acer negundo californicum
  • acer negundo
  • acer macrophyllum
  • aceraceae
  • acerate
  • acerate leaf
  • acerb
  • acerbate
  • acerbic
  • acerbity
  • acerola
  • acerose
  • acervate
  • roughcast
  • amberboa moschata
  • garbanzo
  • royal court
  • the father of radio
  • sponge genus
  • geisha girl
  • unfattened
  • seer
  • wool

  • Idiom of the Day

    in/into the bargain
    in addition to what was expected
    The store put a camping stove into the bargain when we bought the camping equipment.

    ________ mine.

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  • Precaution while using LPG

    Call Fire Department immediately

    If you feel the situation is not under control of you, call experts or call Fire Department immediately. It is illegal to use domestic cylinder for commercial purpose. LPG has the potential to create a fire or an explosion. Therefore, it is important that the properties and safe handling of LPG are understood and implemented in the domestic and commercial/industrial usages. If you smell or suspect a gas leak, extinguish all naked flames and avoid using any electrical switches or appliances. Use carbon monoxide (CO) alarm as one useful precaution to advance warning of CO in the property. A leak in the pipe can be stopped by closing the regulator on the cylinder, but do this only if you can approach the cylinders safely. Take precaution and be safe in using LPG Cylinder.

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