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1.be able to spare or give up
2.be the cause or source of
3.have the financial means to do something or buy something
4.afford access to

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  • affluent
  • affluence
  • afflictive
  • affliction
  • afflicted
  • afflict
  • afflatus
  • affixial
  • affixed
  • affixation
  • affordable
  • afforest
  • afforestation
  • affranchise
  • affray
  • affricate
  • affricate consonant
  • affrication
  • affricative
  • affright
  • pant
  • acute-angled triangle
  • white violet
  • laconicism
  • chinese white cabbage
  • recording equipment
  • gastrogavage
  • hyaloplasm
  • lichee
  • blewits

  • Idiom of the Day

    gross out (someone) or gross (someone) out
    to make someone sick or disgusted
    The movie was very violent and grossed out my sister.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    It was difficult to work during the (cold period).

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  • Rules to play Baseball

    Set up the field

    Each defensive player takes a position on the field. The shortstop, second baseman, and outfielders stand in the middle of their areas. The rest of the players stand on specific spots pitcher on the mound, first and third basemen on their bases, catcher behind home plate. The batter stands in either the left (right handed) or right (left handed) batting box on one side of home plate. The umpire briefly checks to verify that everyone is in the proper position, then shouts play ball to begin the game.

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