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1.capable of destroying fungi antifungal n.
1.any agent that destroys or prevents the growth of fungi

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  • antifreeze
  • antifouling
  • antiflatulent
  • antifertility
  • antiferromagnetism
  • antiferromagnetic
  • antifeminist
  • antifeminism
  • antiestablishmentism
  • antiestablishmentarianism
  • antifungal agent
  • antigen
  • antigenic
  • antigone
  • antigonia
  • antigonus
  • antigonus cyclops
  • antigram
  • antigua
  • antigua and barbuda
  • myrtle bird
  • mainline
  • methodological
  • web spinner
  • periodontics
  • subclass ostracoda
  • ax handle
  • make-up
  • serigraphy
  • prairie wagon

  • Idiom of the Day

    under one`s own steam
    by one`s own efforts, without help
    The man was able to go home under his own steam even though he was feeling very sick.

    We ________ in his new car yesterday.

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    The topography of Shillong has compelled the folks to call it the Scotland of the East. It is the capital of the India state of Meghalaya. It has one of the largest golf courses of Asia. The awe-inspiring beauty of the lakes in Shillong couldnt be expressed in words.

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