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1.unimaginatively conventional

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  • buttoned
  • button-quail
  • button-down
  • button up
  • button tree
  • button snakeroot
  • button quail
  • button pink
  • button mangrove
  • button hole
  • buttoned-up
  • buttonhole
  • buttonhole stitch
  • buttonhook
  • buttonlike
  • buttonwood
  • buttony
  • buttress
  • buttressed
  • buttressing
  • tommy gun
  • demagogic
  • presenter
  • equipoised
  • holy thistle
  • legal power
  • ma'am
  • embroil
  • john simmons barth
  • memorialise

  • Idiom of the Day

    sell (someone) a bill of goods
    to deceive someone, to get someone to believe something that is not true
    I believe that the salesman sold me a bill of goods and the product does not have much value.

    We stopped ________ in Bangkok for a couple of days on our way to Cambodia.

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  • Benefits of Custard Apple

    Prevents constipation

    If custard apple eaten regularly by post op patients, post surgical wounds gets healed as soon as possible, it helps to get rid of constipation and removes unpleasant feeling, Since this fruit contains high amount of glucose level it can boosts up energy level, also some studies are saying that it can also cure pimples which happens because of hormonal changes.

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