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1.in a close relation or position in time or space
2.in a close manner
3.in an attentive manner

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  • closelipped
  • closefisted
  • closedown
  • closed-ring
  • closed-minded
  • closed-loop system
  • closed-heart surgery
  • closed-end investment company
  • closed-end fund
  • closed-door
  • closely held corporation
  • closely knit
  • closely-held
  • closemouthed
  • closeness
  • closeout
  • closer
  • closest
  • closet
  • closet auger
  • denticulate leaf
  • geomancy
  • package bomb
  • genus tilletia
  • jelly doughnut
  • reform school
  • quadroon
  • saddam bin hussein at-takriti
  • barbarisation
  • laban

  • Idiom of the Day

    something that is given away free, an act of giving something away, an unintential betrayal of a secret or repressed feeling or plan
    Our supervisor's speech was a giveaway. Now, I know that he is planning to retire.

    (1) A political decision or policy
    (P) ifjudged by its immediate results,
    (Q) in the light of its '
    (R) may seem to be very wise
    (S) but may prove to be unsound
    (6) ultimate consequences

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