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1.any coarse weed of the genus Xanthium having spiny burrs
2.burdock having heart-shaped leaves found in open woodland, hedgerows and rough grassland of Europe (except extreme N) and Asia Minor

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  • cockle-burr
  • cockle-bur
  • cockle
  • cockiness
  • cockhorse
  • cockfighting
  • cockfight
  • cockeyed
  • cockerel
  • cocker spaniel
  • cockleburr
  • cockleshell
  • cockloft
  • cockney
  • cockpit
  • cockroach
  • cockscomb
  • cocksfoot
  • cockspur
  • cockspur hawthorn
  • plume grass
  • middling
  • outsized
  • house finch
  • hg
  • work time
  • prink
  • background signal
  • valencia
  • pinocle

  • Idiom of the Day

    outgrow (something)
    to get too big or old for something
    The little boy is beginning to outgrow his small bicycle.

    Of course during the flight the airline staff try to keep your mind ________ .

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  • Forever Young Naturally Eating

    What to Eat When Summer salad

    Take large bunches of several leafy seasonal herbs, such as mint, parsley, coriander, and sorrel. Wash, chop, and dress with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Slice feta cheese and stir in. Chill before serving.

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