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1.arrange attractively

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  • coif
  • cohune-nut oil
  • cohune palm
  • cohune oil
  • cohune nut
  • cohune fat
  • cohune
  • cohosh
  • cohort
  • cohoe
  • coiffeur
  • coiffeuse
  • coiffure
  • coign
  • coigne
  • coigue
  • coil
  • coil spring
  • coiled
  • coiling
  • guilty
  • arteria pulmonalis
  • freakish
  • electoral system
  • spitting snake
  • becket bend
  • captive
  • graffiti
  • engorgement
  • grub out

  • Idiom of the Day

    get into a stew about/over (someone or something)
    to be worried or upset about someone or something
    My mother is getting into a stew over my aunt not phoning.


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  • Precautions while using CNG

    Shielding Tanks

    Tanks must be protected from road hazards, loading, unloading, direct sunlight, exhaust heat, accidental cargo leakage. Shield must not directly contact tank nor trap solid materials or liquids. Cylinders And valves must be shielded with minimum 9 inches road clearance when tires are deflated and cannot be located ahead of the front axle or behind the rear bumper attachment. Must be transversely mounted if behind rear axle.

    Chourishi Systems