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1.act of working jointly
2.act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country

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  • collaborate
  • colitis
  • coliseum
  • coliphage
  • colinus virginianus
  • colinus
  • colin powell
  • colin luther powell
  • colima
  • colicroot
  • collaborationism
  • collaborationist
  • collaborative
  • collaborator
  • collage
  • collage film
  • collagen
  • collagenase
  • collagenic
  • collagenous
  • pilot blacksnake
  • plinth
  • myroxylon toluiferum
  • lateral condyle
  • james alfred van allen
  • tin disease
  • bestir
  • deathwatch
  • take-home
  • kinetic energy

  • Idiom of the Day

    outside the box
    not bound by old and limiting structures or rules or practices
    Everybody in the design company was encouraged to think outside the box in order to be creative.

    Apparently it is an ________ where the letters in the word are the first letters of a group of words.

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