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1.distributed or sold illicitly contraband n.
1.goods whose importation or exportation or possession is prohibited by law

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  • contra danse
  • contour sheet
  • contour map
  • contour line
  • contour language
  • contour feather
  • contour
  • contortionist
  • contortion
  • contorted
  • contrabandist
  • contrabass
  • contrabassoon
  • contraception
  • contraceptive
  • contraceptive device
  • contraceptive diaphragm
  • contraceptive method
  • contraceptive pill
  • contraclockwise
  • distinguished conduct medal
  • fold
  • patellar
  • reorganise
  • pin money
  • antonio ghislieri
  • thriftlessness
  • bloodstream
  • mikhail yurievich lermontov
  • devil's fig

  • Idiom of the Day

    fire away at (someone or something)
    to shoot at someone or something, to ask many questions
    The students began to fire away at the speaker after he finished his speech.

    If you ________, what would you have done?

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  • Varieties and Benefits of Rudraksha

    4 Mukhis Rudraksha

    Four mukhi represents God Brahaspati who rules Jupiter . The wearer gains power of knowledge and creativity. Expands memory power, vocal power, wit and intelligence. Wearer is blessed with melodious speech.

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