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degree program

1.a course of study leading to an academic degree

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  • degree of freedom
  • degree of a term
  • degree of a polynomial
  • degree fahrenheit
  • degree day
  • degree centigrade
  • degree celsius
  • degree
  • degrading
  • degrader
  • degressive
  • degust
  • degustation
  • dehisce
  • dehiscence
  • dehiscent
  • dehong dai
  • dehorn
  • dehumanisation
  • dehumanise
  • girdle
  • lefteyed flounder
  • federal democratic republic of ethiopia
  • stonewall
  • normality
  • tabes
  • influx
  • covetousness
  • manzoni
  • genus piper

  • Idiom of the Day

    quick and dirty
    fast and cheap, fast and careless
    The method that the company chose to cut expenses was quick and dirty.

    He looked ________ himself in the mirror

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  • Precautions while using Pesticides

    Poison in eye

    Eye damage can occur, within minutes with some types of pesticide. If poison splashes into an eye, hold the eyelid open and wash quickly and gently with clean, running water from the tap or a gentle stream from a hose for at least 15 minutes. Do not use eye drops or place chemicals or drugs in the wash water.

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