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degree program

1.a course of study leading to an academic degree

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  • degree of freedom
  • degree of a term
  • degree of a polynomial
  • degree fahrenheit
  • degree day
  • degree centigrade
  • degree celsius
  • degree
  • degrading
  • degrader
  • degressive
  • degust
  • degustation
  • dehisce
  • dehiscence
  • dehiscent
  • dehong dai
  • dehorn
  • dehumanisation
  • dehumanise
  • chinese angelica
  • john paul ii
  • underwood
  • fucales
  • biaxial
  • national association of securities dealers automated quotations
  • anticonvulsant
  • suntrap
  • coffea arabica
  • four-sided

  • Idiom of the Day

    look through (something)
    to see through something like a window
    I looked through the window at the beautiful sunset.

    Did you meet the lady ________ uncle works in the library?

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