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eton college

1.a public school for boys founded in 1440

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  • Idiom of the Day

    tested by time and proven to be sound
    I know a tried-and-true method to remove stains from a carpet.

    Can you hear what he is ________ ?

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  • Cutest Photos Of Animals Kissing

    What was obviously important was to kiss not talk about it

    The kiss is more important than the talk around it true From time immemorial, this act of love is seen as the most intimate expression of a person s feelings for the other. The two cute puppies seem to have understood this importance quite early in life as they share this beautiful little kiss. It is just a gently peck or a series of pecks on the others lips and nose but still they mean a lot of things to them love, friendship, togetherness, concern, security and the like. These little puppies seem to have a lot to share between themselves.

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