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family cactaceae

1.constituting the order Opuntiales

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  • Idiom of the Day

    out to lunch
    crazy, not alert
    The man seems to be out to lunch but everybody likes him.

    She's having a child

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  • Celebration of Diwali

    Issues of Air pollution

    Scholars report that air pollution worsens not as much during fireworks, but after fireworks celebration is over, with peak PM2.5 about four times worse than pre Diwali levels, and average levels about two times a normal day. This study indicated that there is high accumulation of PM2.5 generated due to fireworks on Diwali festival which remains suspended in the air. The peak pollution lasts for about one day, and the pollutant concentrations return to background levels after 24 hours. Attri et al. report ground level ozone pollution is also formed Diwali, as with fireworks celebrations around the world on new year eve or respective national Independence Day.The dispersal and decay times for increased ground level ozone is also about one day.

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