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family cactaceae

1.constituting the order Opuntiales

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  • family business
  • family burseraceae
  • family burmanniaceae
  • family burhinidae
  • family bufonidae
  • family bucerotidae
  • family bucconidae
  • family buccinidae
  • family bryaceae
  • family caeciliadae
  • family caeciliidae
  • family caenolestidae
  • family caesalpiniaceae
  • family callionymidae
  • family calliphoridae
  • family callithricidae
  • family callitrichaceae
  • family calostomataceae
  • family calycanthaceae
  • calendric
  • accountantship
  • centaurea cyanus
  • phoradendron flavescens
  • lycopodiaceae
  • furtherance
  • arrogate
  • rear admiral
  • oversew
  • amrinone

  • Idiom of the Day

    lay/light into (something)
    to do or eat something with much energy and enthusiasm
    I laid into the steak as soon as the waiter brought it to the table.

    I've tried those tablets and they haven't done me any ________ .

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    More popularly known as Siamese or Central Thai, Thai language is the official national language of Thailand. Its a member of the TaiKadai language family and almost half of its words are borrowed from Pali, Old Khmer or Sanskrit. Thai is basically tonal and analytic and is known for its complex orthography and markers.

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