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1.having or demonstrating belief in the essential goodness of man and the autonomy of the individual

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  • liberalism
  • liberalise
  • liberalisation
  • liberal party
  • liberal arts
  • liberal
  • libelous
  • libellous
  • libeler
  • libel
  • liberality
  • liberalization
  • liberalize
  • liberally
  • liberalness
  • liberate
  • liberated
  • liberation
  • liberation tigers of tamil eelam
  • liberator
  • differentia
  • pull-in
  • destabilise
  • jimdandy
  • masquerade ball
  • fifty-fifty
  • salix viminalis
  • unhinge
  • legume
  • triglinae

  • Idiom of the Day

    roll in
    to arrive in great numbers or quantity
    The money has been rolling in since we started the new business.

    There are eight pets in my house. Six are cats and ________ are dogs.

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  • Benefits of Bananas

    Normal Heart Function

    Bananas are rich in a mineral electrolyte called potassium. When potassium enters your body, it absorbs directly into your bloodstream through intestinal walls. Potassium travels around to cells all over your body and dissolves in fluid inside of cells. It travels across cell membranes if needed to keep fluid balanced in and around cells. This process keeps electricity flowing throughout your system, which is required to make your heart beat.

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