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1.being four more than eighty

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  • lycaena hypophlaeas
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  • lycaenid butterfly
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  • ouija
  • genus gliricidia
  • dress down
  • ablative absolute
  • franz kline
  • communion
  • storeria occipitamaculata
  • septuagint
  • ted
  • washout

  • Idiom of the Day

    out of tune
    not properly adjusted for pitch
    Two members of the orchestra were out of tune.

    I advise you to check ________ with a letter or a phone call if you intend to pay them a visit in order to save a wasted journey.

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  • Cool Inventions

    Filing Made Simple

    Jane Martin remains seated andgets her filing done using theCorresfile electric/hydraulic lift and circular file system at the Office and Management Association's 11th Annual Seminar and Business Show in Chicago, Ill., March 6, 1953. The electrically operated hydraulic lift raises a person from floor level to five feet alongside a circular file. The circular file has six shelves and each holds the equivalent of three file drawers. The Corresfile is an innovation of the Wassell Organization of Westport, Conn.

    Chourishi Systems