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1.(Roman mythology) god of the sea
2.a giant planet with a ring of ice particles

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  • nepotism
  • nepidae
  • nephthytis afzelii
  • nephthytis
  • nephthys
  • nephrotoxin
  • nephrotoxic
  • nephrotomy
  • nephrotic syndrome
  • nephrosis
  • neptunium
  • nerd
  • nereid
  • nereus
  • nergal
  • nerita
  • nerita peloronta
  • neritic
  • neritic zone
  • neritid
  • cordite
  • mozambique channel
  • marmalade
  • out of action
  • grieg
  • john churchill
  • bruised
  • moor
  • rev up
  • alternative energy

  • Idiom of the Day

    get the feel of (something)
    to become used to or learn about something
    After you get the feel of the new computer it is very easy to use.

    Teacher: The thing to ________ is that in usually means inside a place or a position.

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  • Tips to get ready for xmas

    Buy/Build a gingerbread house

    Pre-made cookies are not the only sugary good that define the Christmas season. Gingerbread houses also make for a fun family-bonding event. To clarify, I do not mean full-sized gingerbread houses. If you have the patience to attempt such a project and the self-control not to eat it along the way, then props to you, but I tend to go for the smaller, more manageable gingerbread structure. Even if the frosting does not mix right and the walls do not stay up for more than 2 seconds and in the end, you end up staring at a pile of gooey gingerbread panels that looks more like a stack of logs than an edible treat, you can say that you tried and thats all that matters.

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