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1.not required by rule or law

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  • nonmalignant tumour
  • nonmalignant tumor
  • nonmalignant neoplasm
  • nonmalignant
  • nonmagnetic
  • nonliving
  • nonliterate
  • nonliterary
  • nonliteral
  • nonlinguistic
  • nonmaterial
  • nonmeaningful
  • nonmechanical
  • nonmechanistic
  • nonmedicinal
  • nonmember
  • nonmetal
  • nonmetallic
  • nonmetamorphic
  • nonmigratory
  • kingdom protoctista
  • epsilon aurigae
  • be adrift
  • court favour
  • vena peroneus
  • false pretence
  • look away
  • sedimentation
  • barium hydroxide
  • long-eared bat

  • Idiom of the Day

    fall in with (a group of people)
    to become associated with a group of people (usually used when you fall in with a bad group of people)
    The boy fell in with a bad group of friends and began to have problems at school.

    An important spice is made from ________ seeds.

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    Equipment and venue

    Each decathlon event takes place in the same venue, and uses the same equipment, as its individual Olympic Games counterpart. Check the links below for more details on each decathlon event.

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