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1.not required by rule or law

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  • nonmalignant tumour
  • nonmalignant tumor
  • nonmalignant neoplasm
  • nonmalignant
  • nonmagnetic
  • nonliving
  • nonliterate
  • nonliterary
  • nonliteral
  • nonlinguistic
  • nonmaterial
  • nonmeaningful
  • nonmechanical
  • nonmechanistic
  • nonmedicinal
  • nonmember
  • nonmetal
  • nonmetallic
  • nonmetamorphic
  • nonmigratory
  • untrammelled
  • thane
  • licorice stick
  • quavering
  • build in
  • soupfin shark
  • torso
  • balkan nation
  • geniality
  • logical relation

  • Idiom of the Day

    in cahoots with (someone)
    in secret agreement or partnership with someone
    The supermarket was in cahoots with the vegetable producer to try and keep the prices high.

    Two masked ________ went out of the black car, rushed into the bank pointing their guns and carried away more than 50 000 dollars.

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  • Biggest things in the World


    Inga Falls, along the Congo in Kinshasa, Zaire, is certainly not the tallest waterfall in the world. Heck, it s not even close its longest drop is a measly21 meters(70 ft). (There are three waterfalls in the world with drops over 3,000 feet, to put that in perspective.) At four kilometers (2.5 mi) wide, it may not be the widest of falls, either but it moves more water than any other waterfall on the planet. A lot more, as it turns out.

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