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1.a disorderly crowd of people
2.disparaging terms for the common people

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  • rabbitwood
  • rabbitweed
  • rabbitfish
  • rabbiteye blueberry
  • rabbiteye
  • rabbit-weed
  • rabbit-eye blueberry
  • rabbit-eared bandicoot
  • rabbit's-foot fern
  • rabbit warren
  • rabble-rouser
  • rabble-rousing
  • rabelais
  • rabelaisian
  • rabi i
  • rabi ii
  • rabid
  • rabies
  • raccoon
  • raccoon dog
  • lycopsida
  • genus sinapis
  • gold
  • bluish
  • two-spotted ladybug
  • whiskey
  • walker percy
  • euphorbia antisyphilitica
  • class dicotyledonae
  • e.s.p.

  • Idiom of the Day

    for the duration (of something)
    for the whole time that something continues
    We had to use the outside classroom for the duration of the semester.

    If someone falls on their sword, they escape punishment for something they have done wrong.

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  • Rules to play Pocket Billiards

    Pocket Billiards

    Pocket billiards, also called Pool, a billiards game, most popular in the United States and Canada, played with a white cue ball and 15 consecutively numbered coloured balls on a rectangular table with six pockets (one at each corner and one at the midpoints of both longer sides). The dimensions of the table are usually 4 by 8 feet (122 by 244 cm) or 4 1/2 by 9 feet (137 by 274 cm).

    To begin play, the 15 object balls are arranged (racked) in a pyramid formation with its apex on a spot near the foot of the table. The first player then stands at the head of the table and drives the cue ball into the formation to break it apart. To continue play, he is usually required either to pocket a ball or to drive two object balls in addition to the cue ball against the cushions. When a player fails to pocket a ball, his opponent begins play. The first player or side to pocket eight balls wins the round.

    After the break (first) shot, a player must designate (call) the ball that he intends to pocket, although in this form of the game he need not indicate the pocket into which the ball will go. If the ball called is pocketed, any other balls pocketed on that stroke are also credited to the player. If the ball called is not pocketed, any other balls pocketed on that shot are replaced on the table on the spot where the rack is made or, if more than one ball is replaced, in a line from that spot; the player then loses his turn.

    Penalties of one ball replaced on the table in addition to those pocketed on the foul stroke are assessed for such infractions as failure to comply with rules for the break shot; touching the cue ball twice with the cue on the same stroke; pocketing the cue ball (scratching) or knocking it off the table; and failing either to pocket a ball, to drive an object ball to a cushion, or to drive the cue ball to a cushion after contacting an object ball. For a double foul on a single stroke, only one penalty is assessed.

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