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schaffneria nigripes

1.a fern of the genus Schaffneria

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  • schaffneria
  • schadenfreude
  • scet
  • sceptred
  • sceptre
  • scepticism
  • sceptically
  • sceptical
  • sceptic
  • sceptered
  • schedule
  • schedule feeding
  • scheduled
  • scheduled fire
  • scheduled maintenance
  • scheduled territories
  • scheduler
  • scheduling
  • scheele
  • scheelite
  • conception
  • parliamentary democracy
  • genus melopsittacus
  • genus eliomys
  • disciplinal
  • violated
  • shingling
  • compressed
  • twelve-tone system
  • undefendable

  • Idiom of the Day

    have been had
    to have been cheated or dealt with badly
    I felt that I had been had when the salesman sold me the bad product.


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    Ah, Russia. Although it has only technically been Russia the last two decades or so, the power and the history of the USSR still overshadows almost everything that it does. Once considered the most powerful army in the world, the military power of Russia is still making huge changes in the way that politics happens around it. After all, it is hard to argue with a country that has over eight thousand nuclear warheads, the most any country in the world owns! It has been pretty difficult to ignore the radical time that Ukraine has been having for the last few months although Russia has never officially got involved in the military rebellious conflict that has been happening in Ukraine, almost every single person in the world is pretty convinced that they have been supplying global firepower to Ukrainian rebels, and perhaps even sending their own troops over the border. And other countries that share a border with Russia should be getting more concerned; since the year 2008, Russia has increased its military spending by almost a third and it was spending quite a lot to begin with! Although President Vladimir Putin would never outwardly state that Russia had any plans to take over any other countries, it has always struggled to escape its USSR history and having one of the strongest armies in the world at your disposal, taking over other countries must get pretty tempting

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