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1.relating to or resembling a member of the class Arachnida

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  • spiderflower
  • spider's web
  • spider web
  • spider plant
  • spider orchid
  • spider nevus
  • spider monkey
  • spider mite
  • spider flower
  • spider fern
  • spiderly
  • spiderwort
  • spiderwort family
  • spidery
  • spiegel
  • spiegel iron
  • spiegeleisen
  • spiel
  • spiel off
  • spielberg
  • north northeast
  • hotly
  • bandbox
  • absolutism
  • crabwise
  • caecilian
  • invariability
  • oxyura
  • fender-bender
  • genus leucogenes

  • Idiom of the Day

    look out for (someone or something)
    to be alert or watchful for someone or something, to keep looking for someone or something
    "Could you please look out for any old vinyl records that you may find."

    I was wondering if you ________ busy.

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  • Strangely Unique Schools

    Zhongdong Cave School

    Guizhou is one of the poorest provinces in China. Water and food shortages due to massive desertification and drought have left the region often struggling to keep its people alive. Despite these shortcomings, the Miao people of southern Guizhou made the best of their situation by opening an elementary school in a cave, aptly named Mid Cave Primary School. The school opened in 1984, and at its peak employed eight teachers who taught 186 students who would otherwise have no education.

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