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1.excellent or splendid

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  • spiffed up
  • spiff up
  • spiff
  • spielmeyer-vogt disease
  • spielberg
  • spiel off
  • spiel
  • spiegeleisen
  • spiegel iron
  • spiegel
  • spiffy
  • spigot
  • spik
  • spike
  • spike arrester
  • spike heath
  • spike heel
  • spike lavender
  • spike lavender oil
  • spike lee
  • lachaise
  • half-pint
  • cord grass
  • natural virtue
  • short ton
  • genus ercilla
  • secularism
  • detest
  • amative
  • blusterer

  • Idiom of the Day

    have one's heart in the right place
    to have good intentions (even if the results may be bad)
    The woman has her heart in the right place and is always ready to help if she can.

    A small forest is called a ________.

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  • How to Remove Dark Circles Tips


    Dehydration also leads to emergence of dark circles. Dehydration symptoms include a dry mouth, dry skin, fatigue, dark coloured urine and of course dark circles. In mild cases, drinking electrolyte rich beverages and adequate consumption of sodium might solve the problem. But if the dehydration is more severe, you may need medical attention.

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