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1.a radical supporter of political or social revolution

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  • subvert
  • subversiveness
  • subversive activity
  • subversive
  • subversion
  • subvention
  • subvent
  • suburbia
  • suburbanized
  • suburbanize
  • subvocalise
  • subvocaliser
  • subvocalize
  • subvocalizer
  • subway
  • subway fare
  • subway station
  • subway token
  • subway train
  • succedaneum
  • blow-by-blow
  • borgia
  • sea louse
  • pinnately
  • listing
  • tree sparrow
  • papilionaceae
  • cetacean
  • combat pay
  • flashiness

  • Idiom of the Day

    plow through (something)
    to work through something with determination
    I had much homework to do but I was able to plow through most of it by early evening.

    Oh no! It's a traffic warden putting a parking ticket on my car and I haven't any money to pay the fine ________ I'll have to pay.

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  • Car Maintenance

    Listen music at a reasonable volume

    Music is good companion while driving, but keeping volume too loud or using earplugs or headphones while on the road can be distracting and can prevent you from hearing a warning or the siren of emergency vehicles. So enjoy the music at low volume.

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