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1.a drug that suppresses appetite

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  • suppress
  • supposititious
  • suppositious
  • suppositional
  • supposition
  • supposedly
  • supposed
  • suppose
  • supposal
  • supposable
  • suppressed
  • suppresser
  • suppresser gene
  • suppression
  • suppressive
  • suppressive fire
  • suppressor
  • suppressor gene
  • suppurate
  • suppurating sore
  • parabolic geometry
  • denizen
  • st. john
  • fez
  • goa powder
  • sheathing
  • cot
  • execution sale
  • stepchild
  • hearthrug

  • Idiom of the Day

    knuckle down (to something)
    to begin to work earnestly
    I think it is time that we knuckle down and finish the project.

    I dare ________ you're right.

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  • Forever Young Naturally Exercise

    Honing Problem Areas Bust benefits

    Working the muscles around the chest and upper arms helps to keep the breasts perky. Build up over time to three sets of 12. If you find this exercise easy, place your hands farther apart or point your fingertips toward each other.
    1. Lie on your front. Place your palms beneath your shoulders, legs hip-width apart. Push on your hands lifting your body, to straighten your arms and come up onto your hands and knees.
    2. Breathing out, draw your stomach muscles toward your lower back. Bend your elbows to take your chest nearer the floor. Look down and slightly forward to keep your spine long. Hold. Breathing in, return to the starting position.

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