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temporary state

1.a state that continues for a limited time

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  • temporary removal
  • temporary injunction
  • temporary hookup
  • temporary expedient
  • temporary
  • temporariness
  • temporarily
  • temporalty
  • temporally
  • temporality
  • temporary worker
  • temporise
  • temporiser
  • temporize
  • temporizer
  • temporomandibular joint
  • tempra
  • tempt
  • temptable
  • temptation
  • lassa virus
  • burchell's zebra
  • windmill grass
  • fisc
  • unsteadily
  • oldster
  • ester
  • coalpit
  • bloodcurdling
  • anatropous

  • Idiom of the Day

    at every turn
    everywhere that one looks
    When we visited Rome, there was a group of tourists at every turn.

    If a woman is knocked out, she is pregnant.

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  • Benefits of Cucumber

    Treats open pores

    You can also use cucumber to treat open pores. Extract cucumber juice and use it as a toner. You can also mix it with apple cider vinegar, tomato pulp and Aloe Vera gel to make it more effective. Cucumbers should be stored in the refrigerator where they will keep for several days. If you do not use the entire cucumber during one meal, place it in a tightly sealed container so that it does not become dried out. For maximum quality, cucumber should be used within one or two days. Cucumbers should not be left out at room temperature for too long as this will cause them to wilt and become limp.

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