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tension headache

1.a headache located at the back of the head

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  • tension
  • tensiometer
  • tensimeter
  • tensile strength
  • tensile
  • tenseness
  • tensely
  • tensed
  • tense up
  • tense system
  • tensional
  • tensionless
  • tensity
  • tensor
  • tensor tympani
  • tent
  • tent caterpillar
  • tent flap
  • tent peg
  • tent stitch
  • neritid
  • midgard
  • fraud in fact
  • droopingly
  • malpighiaceae
  • algebraic language
  • guacharo
  • theorise
  • hardening
  • dika bread

  • Idiom of the Day

    get across (something) to (someone) or get (something) across to (someone)
    to explain or say something so that someone can understand it
    It was difficult to get across the importance of the school safety rules to the children.

    She's the ________ owner.

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    Grilled Romaine with Simple Blue Cheese Dressing

    This deadeasy dish is nothing short of an oilbrushed, saltsprinkled epiphany. Prepare a grill for medium heat. Remove several layers of outer leaves from a head of romaine and reserve for another use, such as lettuce soup. Youll be left with a heartplus. Halve the remaining lettuce lengthwise, leaving the core in place to hold the leaves of each half together. Rub with some olive oil and sprinkle with salt, then grill until lightly charred on each side, about one minute per side.

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