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1.a genus of herbs or vines of the family Acanthaceae

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  • thumping
  • thump out
  • thump
  • thumbtack
  • thumbstall
  • thumbscrew
  • thumbprint
  • thumbnut
  • thumbnail
  • thumbhole
  • thunbergia alata
  • thunder
  • thunder bay
  • thunder lizard
  • thunder mug
  • thunder snake
  • thunderbird
  • thunderbolt
  • thunderclap
  • thundercloud
  • public violence
  • moon-ray
  • arrant
  • coaling station
  • lycopersicum
  • asurbanipal
  • menshevik
  • watered stock
  • furtherance
  • oilstone

  • Idiom of the Day

    have a scrape with (someone or something)
    to come into contact with someone or something
    I had a scrape with my coworker and I must be very careful of what I say now.

    It was possible to look up the topic on the Internet but she decided instead to ask her ________ father, who knew the answer to most things.

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    An Bang Beach

    A Visit bustling beachfront village of Hoi An on the south central coast of Vietnam. From the 40 mile long stretch of powdery sand and glimmering turquoise water to ancient hot stone massages, visitors will feel revitalized with energy at An Bang Beach.

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