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1.having a wide variety of skills

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  • versatile
  • versant
  • versailles
  • versace
  • vers libre
  • verrucose
  • verruca acuminata
  • verruca
  • verrazzano
  • verrazano-narrows bridge
  • verse
  • verse form
  • verse line
  • versed
  • versicle
  • versification
  • versifier
  • versify
  • version
  • verso
  • scratch sheet
  • aphoristic
  • macrame
  • surtout
  • spinocerebellar disorder
  • communistic
  • sansevieria guineensis
  • mintage
  • thickener
  • insomnia

  • Idiom of the Day

    might as well
    would prefer to do something, should maybe do something
    "We might as well go home now. I don`t think our friend will come."

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    We (assumed) that the resort would be very crowded in the summer so we went early.

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