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1.expressed orally

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  • viva voce
  • viva
  • vitus bering
  • vitus behring
  • vitus
  • vituperative
  • vituperation
  • vituperate
  • vittorio de sica
  • vittariaceae
  • vivace
  • vivacious
  • vivaciously
  • vivacity
  • vivaldi
  • vivarium
  • viverra
  • viverra zibetha
  • viverricula
  • viverricula indica
  • redeployment
  • snuggle
  • ragtag
  • bone-covered
  • hypogastric vein
  • genus nepeta
  • advisement
  • compatible software
  • hematohiston
  • belgian waffle

  • Idiom of the Day

    in trouble
    in danger, in difficulty
    The boy in in trouble with the school this term.


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  • Most Beautiful Christian College and University Campuses in the World

    Kenyon College Gambier Ohio

    In 2010 Kenyon College appeared on Forbes list of the world s most beautiful college grounds, as chosen by a select group of architects and campus designers. Established back in 1824, the Episcopal Church affiliated liberal arts college sits on a rural 1,000 acre campus in Gambier, Ohio. The site showcases a distinctive mix of modern architecture and the more antique Collegiate Gothic style for which it is known. The American Gothic type current dormitory Old Kenyon was designed by pioneering U.S. architect Charles Bulfinch, the Reverend Norman Nash, and the college s founder and original president Bishop Philander Chase. Opened in 1829, it exhibits an impressive central spire. The site s older structures lie in stark contrast to the contemporary, minimalist Horvitz Hall Studio Arts Building, which was completed in 2012. Another of Kenyon s most appealing elements is its tree lined Middle Path, an attractive walkway that acts as a central link on the campus.

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