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1.expressed orally

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  • viva voce
  • viva
  • vitus bering
  • vitus behring
  • vitus
  • vituperative
  • vituperation
  • vituperate
  • vittorio de sica
  • vittariaceae
  • vivace
  • vivacious
  • vivaciously
  • vivacity
  • vivaldi
  • vivarium
  • viverra
  • viverra zibetha
  • viverricula
  • viverricula indica
  • ptilocrinus
  • pteridologist
  • arundo richardii
  • enmity
  • secularize
  • true heath
  • puttyroot
  • marshall plan
  • rootless
  • lakeside

  • Idiom of the Day

    have (something) in stock
    to have goods available to sell
    The store does not have any DVD players in stock.

    The past tense of 'grind'is ________

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    Lord Of The Rings Eagles

    The following is a common complaint in Lord Of The Rings: Hey Gandalf, here s a thought why don t you just get your giant eagle mates to fly you into Mordor and drop Frodo/the ring bearer off at Mount Doom? Yes, it does seem obvious. Yes, it would have solved their problem of getting into Mordor quite easily. But here are a few issues with this. First off, you think Sauron might notice giant eagles flying into his domain, so you still need to create a distraction, like Aragorn at the gates. Secondly, the Eagles are doing their own thing. It s not their war, they re just helping out their mate Gandalf. And as an internet commenter pointed out elsewhere (I can t remember where though, sorry), there s a big difference between asking your mate for a lift into town in his car, and asking him to take you to Spain or the fantasy equivalent

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