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1.a word that is spoken aloud

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  • vlf
  • vldl
  • vlaminck
  • vladivostok
  • vladimir vladimirovich putin
  • vladimir vladimirovich nabokov
  • vladimir vladimirovich mayakovski
  • vladimir putin
  • vladimir nabokov
  • vladimir lenin
  • vocabulary
  • vocal
  • vocal band
  • vocal cord
  • vocal fold
  • vocal music
  • vocal organ
  • vocalic
  • vocalisation
  • vocalise
  • pass away
  • stertorous
  • buttonhook
  • pneumogastric
  • genus pomolobus
  • meloidae
  • by any means
  • a bit much
  • wild coffee
  • alluvial fan

  • Idiom of the Day

    act high and mighty
    to act proud and powerful
    The woman always acts high and mighty and nobody likes her.

    It was late April and the sun had disappeared behind dark heavy rain clouds but Andrew had already set ________ for the local pub.

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  • Places you cant Visit

    Bank of England Vaults London

    The only way to get in here is with a key that is 90 cm long! Even if you wanted to get the key you would have a slight problem though. The names of employees working at the vaults are kept secret.

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