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1.a word that is spoken aloud

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  • vlaminck
  • vladivostok
  • vladimir vladimirovich putin
  • vladimir vladimirovich nabokov
  • vladimir vladimirovich mayakovski
  • vladimir putin
  • vladimir nabokov
  • vladimir lenin
  • vocabulary
  • vocal
  • vocal band
  • vocal cord
  • vocal fold
  • vocal music
  • vocal organ
  • vocalic
  • vocalisation
  • vocalise
  • cat's cradle
  • government printing office
  • nyse
  • golden calf
  • white sanicle
  • walkover
  • auriparus flaviceps
  • lancinating
  • house cat
  • order ophioglossales

  • Idiom of the Day

    to a fault
    to do something so very well or to be something so good that it is almost bad
    My friend is honest to a fault and will not say anything unless it is the absolute truth.

    banal is most opposite to

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  • Precautions while using Skype

    Set up in advance

    Nothing causes more anxiety during a Skype interview than realizing that your internet connection or other technical details are out of whack. I recommend using a wired internet connection where possible and your best hardware, says Tyson Spring. Dont pull the 2002 Dell Dimensions out of the closet and hope for it to perform with 2011 Software applications. Test your equipment and software together well in advance of the interview.

    Chourishi Systems