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work force

1.the force of workers available

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  • Idiom of the Day

    insincere, joking
    The speaker made several tongue-in-cheek remarks about the politician.

    From childhood she has been stage ________ and was delighted when she got her first major part in the play at the national theatre.

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  • Precaution while using WiFi

    Connect To Secure Network If Available

    With the increase is skepticism in using Wi Fi hotspots, more and more companies and including hotels and coffee shops and are offering secure networks. Check for secure networks in the list of available networks. If you are in a hotel, the management might provide you with password so that you can use a secure network. As far as possible, connect to secure networks. Keep in mind that not every entity will give you the security option. To know if a network is secure, click on the network icon in the system tray. Hover mouse cursor over each connection to know if a network is secure and if yes, the type of security used.

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