They weren't allowed ________ it.

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    Doubles luge is a one day competition in which pairs of athletes take two runs down the course. The fastest total time determines the winner. There is no rule that says a doubles team must comprise members of the same sex, but traditionally, men have slid together, with the larger man positioned on top for a more aerodynamic fit. The doubles course is .74 miles. At the start of both doubles runs, each sled is weighed, each athlete is weighed, and temperatures of sled runners are compared to an official control runner. The sled in doubles cannot be more than 59.4 lbs, and there is no maximum weight for the pair.

    The doubles field is divided into four starting groups based on results from the last three World Cup races prior to the Games, with a maximum of two doubles teams per country. Bib numbers and starting positions are randomly drawn from within each starting group for the first run. In the second run, the teams start in reverse rank order the fastest team goes last based on results from the first run. After the second final run, sled checks are performed on the sleds of the three teams that won medals. A failure to meet the standards results in disqualification.

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