Test # 9 [10-Jul-2017]


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    Compared to its economic prowess in the world, Germany is slightly falling behind in the strongest military in the world stakes. Instead of powering ahead, reports suggest that Germany s military strength has actually got weaker in the last few years, making it an unlikely candidate for the most powerful army in the world award. Despite all of that, Germany has spent around forty five million dollars on its budget every year the last few years so what is it that makes Germany so eager to spend the money, but not comfortable in flexing its military muscles? Well, it probably has a lot to with the fact that the Second World War had such a huge impact on German culture. It was very difficult for many normal German people to accept that such terrible things had been done in the name of expanding the German empire, and that the strongest armies in the world had to team together to prevent further atrocities from happening. That has meant that the next generation born, and growing up in the 1950s and 1960s were vehemently against war, and sought peaceful resolution to differences in opinions. Even today, German officials have been taking steps to ensure that Germany does not become a militarised country. In 2011, mandatory military service was removed, and there are still fewer than two hundred thousand active personnel.

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