General English Questions and Answers

1. At least that's what he thought until the press started trying to ________ up something about his past.

2. Teaching someone to drive is one of the ________ experiences you can have.

3. Mathew Smith was a highly respected member of parliament with no ________ on his character

4. Invariably if interest rates go up, the building societies pay more to their savers and borrowers complain at the increase they have to pay and maintain the societies are ________ their affairs.

5. Other papers asked the question: How can we trust our politicians if they ________ on society?

6. You sit in the passenger seat and ________ your learner to do what you would normally do.

7. If you ask someone for their ________ on supermarkets as opposed to the small corner shop, you will get varying replies.

8. At last Mathew decided to speak ________ for himself and tell the truth.

9. There was even talk that incidents like this one could ________ the Government.

10. Big discussions take place in the area as to whether a supermarket will come to the area and waiting for the outcome can be quite ________ for the small shop owner.

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    Foods to Avoid When Dealing with Stress

    Reactions to stress are manifold. No one situation is stressful to all the people all the time. Some of the factors that can produce stress are children or the lack of them, the boss or the subordinate, the traffic ,the telephone or the lack of it, overwork or not enough to do, too much money or too little of it, making decision, a dull routine job, lack of authority and apprehensions about the future. And stress is intimately associated with diet. There are certain foods which are associated with stress and anxiety and should be scrupulously avoided by patients. These foods are caffeine and many soft drinks, which causes nervousness, irritability and palpitation; salt which has been associated with heart diseases; cigarettes which cause tension, irritability and sleeplessness and which have been linked with cancer, and alcohol which depletes vitamins of the B group considered essential for reducing stress.

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