General English Questions and Answers

1. I have tried and tried again and again and no matter what I do it still shows 'error' I just can't ________ what's wrong.

2. The business has lost a lot of orders recently and is going through a ________ time.

3. Time ________ it's difficult to believe that we've been here all day.

4. With this program you can always check your spelling and grammar and if you don't want to accept what it shows, you simply press ________ .

5. If you really want to send that letter off today, it's ________ time you went to the post office.

6. It's a really clever piece of software because it enables you to ________ on your screen all the information in columns.

7. There's no need to worry, we shall get to the station long before the train leaves as we have ________ of time.

8. Every year the college finance officer did not look forward to the visit from the government official who came to ________ the accounts.

9. Good ________ procedures are very important if you want to run a business profitably and successfully.

10. The orchestra are meant to ________ time with the conductor.

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