General English Questions and Answers

1. The reason for the ________ in the economy is because there is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment.

2. Every office has a certain amount of ________ cash to pay for things like tea, coffee or stamps.

3. In order to survive in this business you must adopt a ________ stance.

4. They have a ________ restriction in the shop with regard to the number of items of clothing that you can try on at one time.

5. It started off as a small street corner shop over 30 years ago but it has now ________ into a massive department store.

6. We got there early so that we could get the best ________ in the sale before anyone else.

7. The larger company did not really want to join with the smaller one because it was more interested in a ________ .

8. The ________ of alcohol is not allowed in any of the company's premises in order to present a clean image.

9. After their house had been ________ they decided to sell it and buy a bigger one.

10. If you don't want to use a cheque or postal order, you can always use a money ________ .

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    1940s to 1960s

    In 1944, Ludwig Guttmann, through the rehabilitation program at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, adapted existing sports to use wheelchairs. It was known as wheelchair netball.At around the same times, starting from 1946, wheelchair basketball games were played primarily between American World War II disabled veterans. Since then, the sport has spread throughout the world.The Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair Games, held in 1947, were the first games to be held and included only a handful of participants (26), and few events (shot put, javelin, club throw, and archery).

    Growth in both the number of wheelchair events and participants came quickly. Wheelchair netball was introduced in the 1948 Games. In 1952, a team from the Netherlands was invited to compete with the British team. This became the first International Stoke Mandeville Games (ISMG), an event that has been held annually ever since.Wheelchair basketball, as we know it now, was first played at the 1956 International Stoke Mandeville Games. The US Pan Am Jets team won the tournament.

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