General English Questions and Answers

1. ________ pay is what an employee actually receives after deductions.

2. All ________ increase with a debit entry and decrease with a credit entry.

3. In order to cash a check you must ________ it, or in other words sign the back.

4. 'Do you like tomatoes?'shouted one of the tractor drivers. Henry ________ for a moment and then replied: 'Yes, I like them very much.'

5. 'Well, we can't sell them at a profit,'said the tractor driver, 'because the imported ones are too cheap. So instead of letting them go to ________ you can have them!'

6. Once the transactions have been entered into the journal they are ________ or transferred into their individual General Ledger accounts.

7. It was then that Henry ________ that the tractors were loaded with boxes of tomatoes, which the farmers started to throw at him. Unfortunately for Henry, two of them hit him full in the face.

8. If the wind doesn't ________ to the west, it will be impossible for the cyclists to make it to the finish.

9. The ________ is the difference between what a business pays for an item wholesale and what the business sells it for retail.

10. The customary manner in which a business analyzes and records its ________ is by first entering them into a journal.

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