General English Questions and Answers

1. The customary manner in which a business analyzes and records its ________ is by first entering them into a journal.

2. An ________ check is one that you have written and deducted from your checkbook balance but has not yet cleared the bank.

3. The ________ is the difference between what a business pays for an item wholesale and what the business sells it for retail.

4. Once the transactions have been entered into the journal they are ________ or transferred into their individual General Ledger accounts.

5. The manager decided to ________ the terms of our agreement.

6. Federal taxes and Social Security are both examples of standard ________ from your paycheck.

7. You record how much each of your employees should be paid in the ________ account.

8. He realized that he had to say something quickly to ________ the crowd over to his side. 'Thank you for your generous gift, but I really prefer them in sandwiches. And now let's get on with the meeting.'

9. Henry: You shouldn't have bothered. We can all go back home now. The police have ________ the house thoroughly and found nothing at all.Vera: Well, at least stay and eat the nice salad I've made.Henry: All right, Vera. Just so long as there are no tomatoes in it!

10. Journal entries are entered in ________ order, meaning by date, with the earliest date first.

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