General English Questions and Answers

1. The manager decided to ________ the terms of our agreement.

2. Henry: You shouldn't have bothered. We can all go back home now. The police have ________ the house thoroughly and found nothing at all.Vera: Well, at least stay and eat the nice salad I've made.Henry: All right, Vera. Just so long as there are no tomatoes in it!

3. She had been planning this trip for a long time but the unexpected death of her father ________ her plans.

4. The crowd started to ________ and Henry managed to finish his speech without further interruptions. In the meantime the police had made a thorough search of Henry's house and assured him that there were no hidden bombs. He went back to his sister's house to collect his family.

5. If the wind doesn't ________ to the west, it will be impossible for the cyclists to make it to the finish.

6. The prime objective of this business meeting is to ________ ideas about the latest project of the company.

7. ________ pay is what an employee earns before deductions.

8. The rates for overtime in the USA are generally known as ________ .

9. This is my favourite dress but since I've lost a lot of weight it needs to be ________ before I put it on.

10. Harris: Oh, dear! I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding. I didn't have time to finish my sentence. You see, I ________ some farmers planning to break up your meeting.Henry: I don't see what all this has got to do with a bomb.Harris: Well, if we hadn't been cut off I was going to warn you about a bombardment of tomatoes!

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