General English Questions and Answers

1. Try ________ the door really hard if you want to open it.

2. Since you have bought a brand new house I think you should insure it for all ________ .

3. Joan's husband abandoned her unexpectedly, leaving her ________ and uncertain about the future.

4. Children who are left unsupervised are at ________ of dropping out of school.

5. I'll finish now and I look forward to ________ you again soon.

6. All I can say at the moment is: Long ________ the company!

7. In winter months there is always a ________ of catching cold.

8. She hates Christmas because she feels so sad and ________ despite all the people coming by to greet her.

9. That building ________ left unoccupied since 1950.

10. The children ________ taken to school by bus every day.

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    Calling Shots

    On every shot the ball, the pocket and the path of intended cushions must be obvious or specifically called prior to commencing the shot. In the event that a called ball takes a different path to the pocket than that which was called, the pocketed ball does not count and it is spotted without penalty to the shooter.
    It is the shooters responsibility to call any shot that is not obvious. Any single rail bank is considered obvious, unless a contrary shot was called. A ball pocketed contrary to the shooters called shot does not count; it is spotted without further penalty, and the shooters inning is over.
    At any time the shooter assumes a shooting stance without having already called their shot, the opponent or tournament official may inquire as to what shot is being attempted. The shooter must honor such a request prior to commencing their shot. Failure to call a shot upon request shall be interpreted as an intentional safety; any pocketed balls are spotted without further penalty, and the shooters inning is over.
    Any multicushion shot is considered not obvious. In the event that a ball is pocketed on a multicushion shot without prior calling, the shooter has no recourse if either the tournament official or the opponent contends that their shot was not obvious. The disputed ball does not count; it is spotted without further penalty, and the shooters inning is over.
    If an adjacent cushion or other object balls lie so close to the called ball that the cue ball might strike either the adjacent cushion or other balls first, it is the responsibility of the opponent to summon a tournament official or the designated house man prior to the shot, to rule whether the shot is clean or not, otherwise the benefit of the doubt is afforded the shooter.
    When a called ball contacts either the cushions or pocket points along the rails adjacent to the called pocket on its final approach toward the pocket, such contact does not count as a bank in defining the called shot. If an otherwise legal called bank shot is pocketed in such a manner, the ball counts as long as the shot conforms with the shooters called intentions, and no foul or scratch occurs.

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