General English Questions and Answers

1. As most of the men were ________ at work, his audience consisted mainly of women and young children.

2. There was a large crowd in the field when Henry arrived at eight o'clock for what was perhaps the biggest meeting of the ________ campaign. After a hard day's work, hundreds of farmers and farm labourers had come to the field to hear what Henry had to say.

3. I have been made ________ because my work here is no longer needed.

4. I wouldn't call this a bad mistake, it is simply a ________ of the pen.

5. My job has gone because my boss has ________ me.

6. Henry Orpington's first ________ that day was an open-air meeting on a large housing estate at ten o'clock.

7. I am a little afraid to go on a honeymoon holiday in this mountain because the area is notorious for the ________ who attack and rob people.

8. This is a new store and there are cameras all over the place to watch for ________ .

9. She is thinking of blocking up the bedroom window because ________ have got into the house through it a couple of times so far.

10. How could you possibly think of moving to live in this neighbourhood! It's full of ________ and too dangerous for the children to play outside.

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