General English Questions and Answers

1. At eleven o'clock he ________ a brief visit to a public house on the estate. Henry couldn't offer to buy anyone a drink because he knew very well that his opponents would consider that to be dishonest. So he let one of his supporters buy him a drink instead.

2. There was a large crowd in the field when Henry arrived at eight o'clock for what was perhaps the biggest meeting of the ________ campaign. After a hard day's work, hundreds of farmers and farm labourers had come to the field to hear what Henry had to say.

3. How could you possibly think of moving to live in this neighbourhood! It's full of ________ and too dangerous for the children to play outside.

4. At lunch time he went to his sister's house to see his wife and daughters. They had spent the morning addressing envelopes for the leaflets he was sending out. His sister, Vera, thoroughly ________ of his involvement in politics.

5. The accident was due to the ________ of the driver.

6. Don't even think of shifting the blame on me, please! It's not my ________ for what happened.

7. My literature teacher speaks so quickly that he often makes ________ of the tongue.

8. This deserted ship was used by ________ many years ago. They stored here the goods they had taken illegally from one country to another.

9. I wouldn't call this a bad mistake, it is simply a ________ of the pen.

10. They told me to go because I was said to be ________ to requirements.

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