General English Questions and Answers

1. You must choose the right description for each word and I would ________ this one as an adjective.

2. The government are erecting concrete blocks around the Houses of Parliament to ________ the buildings against possible terrorist attacks.

3. In ________ to prevent any industrial espionage all employees had to sign a document preventing them from talking about their work.

4. There is a new company regulation to remove the danger of passive smoking, which ________ all employees from smoking at their place of work.

5. You can take it or leave it as there is absolutely no ________ to accept my proposal.

6. The charity is finding it very difficult to continue operating and that's why it's ________ for the government to help.

7. Do you mind ________ the door as I find it very hot in here?

8. That programme is so boring that it's like watching paint ________ .

9. Eventually they made their minds up and ________ to appoint the outsider to the job.

10. Although he claimed it was an accident, he was ________ of murder.

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    The GlobalSpec SpecSearch database allows industrial buys to select laboratory thermometers by type, display options, operating environment, and specialty features. Thermometers may be described as empirical or absolute. Absolute thermometers are calibrated numerically by the thermodynamic absolute temperature scale. Empirical thermometers are not in general necessarily in exact agreement with absolute thermometers as to their numerical scale readings, but to qualify as thermometers at all they must agree with absolute thermometers and with each other in the following way: given any two bodies isolated in their separate respective thermodynamic equilibrium states, all thermometers agree as to which of the two has the higher temperature, or that the two have equal temperatures.

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