Vocabulary Examination - Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

1. Living on several acres of land dotted with oak and maple trees makes autumn leaf-raking a ________ task.

2. The devastating drought forced the ________ tribes of the rainforest to leave their homes and venture into the modern world.

3. The toy store’s extensive inventory offered a ________ of toys from baby items to video games for teenagers.

4. Please don’t ________ me my success—I’ve worked hard to earn this promotion!

5. The ________ old cowboy had a complexion that spoke of many years in the desert sun, rounding up wild horses.

6. For years Henry bore the ________ of being the only man in five generations of his family not to make the varsity baseball team.

7. Sanji went abroad as a ________ young man; when he returned two years later, he seemed like an experienced man of the world.

8. The cozy beach cottage was only ________ for summer tenants because it lacked the insulation to make a winter stay comfortable.

9. Genevieve’s stunning debut performance at the city opera has earned her ________ from some of the city’s toughest critics.

10. Henley’s ________ remarks about my presentation did not bother me because I knew I’d done a good job.

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