Vocabulary Examination - Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

1. Because Virgil had been so ________ as a child, he had an extremely difficult time adjusting when he enrolled in the military academy.

2. Marta had to pay off her ________ to the credit card company before she could get a mortgage.

3. Wearing the designer’s latest fashions, the ________ clothing model sashayed down the runway.

4. The prom was a ________ royal ball with so many handsome young men and beautiful young ladies dressed to the ultimate formality.

5. After the third relative was hired to an upper-level position, several people quit the company, claiming that ________ caused a decline in employee morale.

6. Ming’s blatant lie revealed that he suffered no ________ about being dishonest to his parents.

7. Jayne’s paintings were not minimalist, but they were ________, using only the most elemental and essential elements.

8. Despite enthusiastic efforts from the supporting cast, the critics agreed the star of the play gave a ________ performance, ruining the chance of lucrative box office sales.

9. The enormous waves forced the lobster boat to ________ heavily to the starboard side, causing crates of lobsters to topple and fall into the ocean.

10. After years of living at a(n) ________ pace, Paola decided it was time to slow down and learn how to relax.

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