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1. It's been a long time ________ I've had such a good meal in a restaurant

2. It's the first time I've eaten snails ________ I was in France on holiday

3. She's studied here ________ two years.

4. I learnt German ________ two years while I was at school

5. Nobody has been so close to breaking the record ________ 1983

6. People

7. I posted it a couple of days ago, ________ they should have received it by now.

8. News

9. They've known about it ________ ages.

10. It's the first time ________ 1973 that anyone has done so well

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    One of the major religions and also the youngest of all the worlds four great monotheistic religions, in India is Sikhism. Often associated with progression and philosophy, Sikhism is a way of life. Founded in the 15th Century by Guru Nanak Dev, its origin comes from the word Sikh which refers to a Punjabi word that means "disciple", Guru Nanak was quite critical of blinds rituals followed by Hindus and Muslims. He focussed on understanding and love. There were nine more successive Gurus after him and the last Guru was Guru Gobind Singh.

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