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1. Don't be ________ an idiot

2. It was ________ I couldn't complete it.

3. She's ________ cool

4. It took ________ long to get home last night.

5. They made the test very easy ________ everyone would pass.

6. It cost ________ much!

7. It is the first time I've had ________ bad flu since I was a child

8. I didn't know that it was ________ a long way from my house

9. He was looking ________ ill that they sent him home

10. We were silent ________ as not to wake the baby.

English Test

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  • Global Dial Code

    Hong Kong

    Exit Country Code + 852 + The Number

    The Hong Kong country code is 852. The nationality of Hong Kong is Hongkongers.The capital of Hong Kong is Hong KongLargest Cities in Hong Kong by population: Aberdeen, A Kung Ngam, A Kung Tin, A Kung Wan, A Ma Wat, A Po Long, A Shan, A Shan San Wai, Cheung Kwan O, Chung Wan. Local Telephone Prefix: No trunk codes in Hong Kong, just dial direct when calling domestic.

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