Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles for English as a Second Language (ESL), English as a foreign language (EFL), Teaching EFL (TEFL), Test of EFL (TOEFL), English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), Teaching ESOL (TESOL), TOEIC.

1. Doesn't ________ care?

2. Which is correct?

3. Which is the correct spelling?

4. Which is the correct spelling?

5. You should have told ________ about it.

6. Which is the correct spelling ?

7. How do you spell it?

8. How do you spell it ?

9. Shouldn't we ask _________ for help?

10. Which is right?

English Test

1. ESL-EFL Test - 135
2. ESL-EFL Test - 136
3. ESL-EFL Test - 137
4. ESL-EFL Test - 138
5. ESL-EFL Test - 139
6. ESL-EFL Test - 140
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