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1. Everyone did it in _________ days.

2. She gave it ________ me when I arrived.

3. Should you see her, could you ask her to ring?

4. If you finally managed to do it, how would you feel?

5. The Third Conditional refers to ________

6. Everyone does it _________ days.

7. ________ not coming.

8. He made it ________ me.

9. I stopped ________ buy a newspaper.

10. She was promoted ________ her dedication.

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  • Automobile Racing

    Formula Three car racing

    The other major international single seater racing series is GP2 (formerly known as Formula 3000 and Formula Two). Regional series include Formula Nippon and Formula V6 Asia (specifically in Asia), Formula Renault 3.5 (also known as the World Series by Renault, succession series of World Series by Nissan), Formula Three, Formula Palmer Audi andFormula Atlantic. In 2009, the FIA Formula Two Championship brought about the revival of the F2 series. Domestic, or country specific series include Formula Three, Formula Renault, Formula Ford with the leading introductory series beingFormula BMW.

    Single seater racing is not limited merely to professional teams and drivers. There is a large amateur club racing scene catering for those who want to race single seaters against similar people all over the world. In the UK the major club series are the Monoposto Racing Club, BRSCC F3 (Formerly ClubF3, formerly ARP F3), Formula Vee and Club Formula Ford. Each series caters for a section of the market , with some primarily providing low cost racing whilst others aim for an authentic experience using the same regulations as the professional series (BRSCC F3).

    There are other categories of single seater racing, including kart racing, which employs a small, low cost machine on small tracks. Many of the current top drivers began their careers in karts. Formula Ford once represented a popular first open wheel category for up and coming drivers stepping up from karts and now theFormula BMW series is the preferred option as it has introduced an aero package and slicks, allowing the junior drivers to gain experience in a race car with dynamics closer F1.

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