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1. I wish ________ the manager.

2. Which is correct?

3. I wish they ________ keep the noise down next door.

4. Every day

5. Seldom _________ seen such a mess.

6. There

7. Soon

8. Wish'can be replaced by________

9. Which is correct?

10. Which is correct?

English Test

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    Resistive touchscreen devices

    Resistive touchscreen devices have a reputation for not being as accurate for recording touches. This is from a variety or reasons. It is not because of a resolution limitation as most people expect. Most modern resistive touchscreens have very high resolutions. By having to apply pressure to the device, the user cannot move her finger as accurately. Multitouch detection is possible, but more difficult than capacitive sensing techniques. Plus, since resistive touchscreens are cheaper they are often used on cheaper devices that have other hardware and software issues that make their touch detection less precise.

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