Botany (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Which one of the following type of micro organisms is most widely used in industries? [1998]

2. Which one of the following is a membrane that protects the developing embryo from desiccation? [1995]

3. Arteries supplying blood to the heart are called [1997]

4. It begins as a single cell and grows into a merciless disease that claims millions of lives year after year. But scientists are steadily unlocking its mysteries and the fight against it, may now have reached a dramatic turning point. New discoveries promise better therapies and hope in the war against....
The disease referred to in the above quotation is [1995]

5. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the disease which causes the death of the largest number of people today is [1996]

6. Which one of the following hormones contains iodine? [1995]

7. Which of the following would lead to malnutrition? [1996]
1. Overnutrition
2. Undernutrition
3. Imbalanced nutrition
Select the correct answer by using the codes given below Codes:

8. Daily intake of proteins, recommended for a moderately active woman is [1997]

9. Antigen is a substance which [1997]

10. Alpha-keratin is a protein, present in [1997]

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