General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. State Peace and Development Council is the official name of the governing regime in which of the following countries?

2. .Recently we read about the Goldstone report in the newspapers. Goldstone report is related to which of the following?

3. Out of the following artists,who has written the book "The Science of Bharat Ntyam"?

4. Who among the following is the chairperson of National Commission for Women ?

5. Recently Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY), which was in implementation from 1997 has been revised and relaunched in 2009-10. It has been divided into how may components?

6. Many a times we read in the news papers about the talks going on about India-SACU Preferential Trade Agreement. SACU is a Southern African Customs Union (SACU) with how many members of Southern Africa?

7. Recently "Young Girl in Profile in Renaissance Dress" or La Bella Principessa was in news. Which among the following is true about this?

8. Recently Cabeus crater was in news. Where among the following locations is it located?

9. What Is an ECO- MARK?

10. The Banking Solution provider Financle is an arm of which of the following companies?

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  • SuperFood


    There are as many as 21 fish that can be called sardines: The name applies to a number of related small, oily fish, some of which are also called pilchards, and some of which are actually herring. Because sardines are typically smaller than four inches in length, they are especially low in mercury. The young fish eat mostly plankton, which is not a strong source of mercury. As oily fish, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and protein. Since they are typically eaten bones and all, they are also a good source of calcium. In addition, they provide selenium, phosphorus, and iron.Although in some parts of the world sardines are eaten fresh, they are the archetypical canned protein food. Ironically, many canned ďsardinesĒ are actually herring, a related fish. Herring have been studied for their high concentration of Coenzyme Q10, a nutrient involved in cell metabolism. Sardines, especially those that are really herring, share this characteristic.
    Nutritional Facts :
    Four and three-eighths ounces of skinless, boneless sardines packed in water provides 120 calories, 0 g carbohydrate, 15 g protein, 6 g fat, 0 g dietary fiber, 60 mg calcium, and 2.25 mg iron.

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