General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. On which date in 2009 did the pass a Hose of Representatives pass a House bill the aims to impose sanctions on those foreign companies which export refined petroleum to Iran?

2. For the first time in the country, the - Government on December 9, 2009, released a Soil Nutrient Mp for optimum land use in the State.

3. When in 2009 did U.S. President Obama lay out an aggressive strategy to end the war in Afghanistan by rapidly deploying 30,000 new troops to quell the Taliban insurgency?

4. Hollywood actress ----, noted for her roles in movies like The White Hotel and Clueless, died in Los Angeles after suffering a cardiac arrest on December 20, 2009.

5. Chinese President Hu Jintao, on December 12, 2009, attended the inauguration ceremony of the Cina-Kazakhstan natural gas pipeline in

6. ONGC, on December 1, 2009, signed agreements to pick up 40 per cent interest in the $7.5-billion, Phase 12 of the gigantic South Pars gas field in-

7. Who has taken over as Chief Election Commissioner after the retirement of Shri N. Gopalaswami?

8. Reliance Industries Ltd., on December 22, 2009, announced a third successive gas discovery in the - deep-sea block in the Krishna-Godavari basin, off the east coast.

9. Vitali Klitschko, on December 13, 2009, retained his WBC heavyweight title, scoring a unanimous points decision over - of the United States in Bern.

10. In the worst fire in Russian history, more than 100 people were killed and still more wounded in a nightclub in the Ural city of - in December 2009.

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