General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. Which of the following department of Indian Government takes care of education of children with physical disabilities?

2. - Phosphates Ltd. in December 2009, won the Fertiliser Association of India Award for the Best Overall Performance of an operating fertilizer until for phosphoric acid.

3. The (Incredible India) Bed and Breakfast Establishments Registration and Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2009, was introduced in the - Assembly on December 14, 2009.

4. "Operation Black Board" refers to providing schools with

5. The number of Zonal Councils in India is

6. -. on December 18, 2009, announced to institute awards for promotion of `energy conservation buildings' and setting up of green energy and energy conservation fund.

7. Premier of Canada's - province, Dalton McGuinty, on December 3, 2009, announced Canada's plans to offer India a wide range of eco-friendly technologies.

8. Which of the following is associated with the economic liberalization in India?

9. -, on December 3, 2009, decided to implement a "Jawahar Social Infrastructure Mission" focusing on the disability sector, senior citizens and children.

10. In the worst fire in Russian history, more than 100 people were killed and still more wounded in a nightclub in the Ural city of Perm on -. 2009.

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