General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. The World's first Homeopathy University is being established in-

2. The new chief justice of the Supreme Court of India is-

3. As per Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty(START) signed by the Russian and the US Presidents in April 2010, the two nations will reduce their nuclear weapons stockpile by

4. Asko Parpola recently bagged-

5. In April 2010, the Labour Minister of G-20 countries held a two-days meet in

6. Sebastian Vettel recently emerged winner in-

7. Who among the following translated the Autobiography of Madam Curie in Hindi?

8. In March 2010, the World Bank approved two education projects for India which are worth

9. As per the 2009 Human Development India's rank in Human Development Index is

10. National Food for Work Programme was launched on -

General Knowledge

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